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Over 150 photos and illustrations.

From the back cover:

The history of Saltash dates back to well over 1,000 years when a small community built up around the area beside the River Tamar known as Waterside.

The inhabitants would have been fishermen, ferrymen and their families. 

Saltash's history goes back even further than this and flint arrowheads and skin scrapers, dating back to as early as 4,000 BC, have been found in the fields surrounding the town. 

There may have also been a Roman settlement on the Saltash side of the ferry crossing at one time. 

Over the years, Saltash has had a varied history. 

Francis Drake moored here in 1587, when the people of the town helped unload the captured Portuguese ship, San Felipe. 

Other famous people who have had connections with Saltash include the Hawkins family, Daniel DeFoe, William Bligh, Charles II and Joseph Mallord William Turner. 

Saltash has recovered after being battered during the Civil War and the Second World War but unfortunately, many of its older Tudor buildings have now gone forever. 

This book features many old photos and illustrations that I hope will be of interest to people who live in Saltash and also those interested in its history. 


Product Details: Printed: 128 pages, 6" x 9", Paperback

Over 150 photos and illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9560781-0-0

Publisher: Driftwood Coast Publishing

Copyright 2008 Driftwood Coast Publishing

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Edition: First Edition

Price: 9.99

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