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Derek Tait

Author, historian and researcher


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Plymouth at War

Plymouth Hoe

St Budeaux

Saltash Passage

Mount Edgcumbe

Memories of St Budeaux


Plymouth : Tales from the Past

Images of Plymouth : Stonehouse

Memories of Singapore and Malaya

More Memories of Singapore and Malaya

Monsoon Memories








Memories of St Budeaux

Over 150 photos and illustrations.

From the back cover:


I'm pleased that people enjoyed my books on St Budeaux and Saltash Passage.

This book contains other people's memories and photos and tells St Budeaux has changed over the last one hundred years or so.It covers the early days of St Budeaux when much of the surrounding land was farmers fields and tells of a time when there were no cars, trains or electricity.

Deliveries were made by horse and cart and milk was dispensed from churns long before the days when it was delivered in bottles. A chapter on transport features memories of the first car in Saltash Passage, trams and early buses.

Events mentioned include the annual Regatta, Little Ash Tea Gardens and the Peace Carnival. Also featured are the was years, rationing and the arrival of the American troops who left for D-Day from Saltash Passage.

Taken from letters, newspaper cuttings and archives, I hope this book will be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in the area.


Product Details: Printed: 104 pages, 6" x 9", Paperback

Over 111 photos and illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9560781-2-4

Publisher: Driftwood Coast Publishing

Copyright 2009 Driftwood Coast Publishing

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Edition: First Edition

Price: 9.99

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