Dougie Don's home movies from the 1960s featuring Singapore and Malaya.

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This movie contains shots of elephant riding in Ceylon and the Botanic Gardens.

Includes the Botanic Gardens,friends of Dougie Don,The Singapore River and ships and Singapore City.

Features the Singapore River and it ships,Singapore City and the Royal Marine Band at the Padang.

Features the Marine Band at the Padang,the Brit Club,the Nuffield Pool,friends of Dougie Don including the names Mathers and Fitton,Raffles Hotel,Snake Charmers,St Andrew's Cathedral,night scenes of Singapore streets shot from a trishaw, and a firework display.

Dougie remembers : 'I seem to remember the first fireworks went up then there was a long break before any more. The intervening time was used to clear away the dead from the first ones (I kid you not! I think 5 Chinese died).'

Features a firework display,the Causeway and the Singapore River.

Featuring the causeway to Malaya and the Singapore River.