Here's an email from Kate Spurrier who is searching for any information on her father,Ron.

If you can help,her email address is


I was searching for something on the Internet and I came across your website which includes photos of Singapore in the 60s.

My Dad, Ron Spurrier, served on HMS Dampier in the 60s and I believe spent some time ashore in Singapore waiting for a refit to the ship. Dad died a couple of years ago and left me with a tin of around 100 photos of his time in the navy. I have been slowly trying to identify where and when some where taken. I found some of him at a swimming pool - the name, 'Nuffield Pool' can be seen in the photo. I searched for this on Google and it came up with your site! I knew by then that he'd been to Singapore, so it all made sense.

I have attached some of the photos for you to add to your site if you like. I'd also appreciate your help in identifying whether some of my other photos are of Singapore as well. I'll attach some in another email, so as not to overload this one! I'd be grateful for any help idenyifying places - or even maybe people!! Thanks again Kate In the photos by the pool, Dad is the one with his legs out of the water and his hands over his knees, facing out of the pool. He's also sat to the left of the n.10. Don't know who the other people are!