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Including school photos taken at the Royal Naval School,Sembawang,Singapore and Kebunteh School in

Malaya in the 1950s,1960s & 1970s

Also many shots of the Naval Base,Tiger Balm Gardens,Tang's and just about anything else you can

remember from there in the 1960's! 




Welcome to this site. It contains mainly photos from Singapore and Malaya from the 1960s but also includes earlier and later ones. Links can be found on the left-hand side of the page for school photos from RN School at Sembawang as well as photos from Kebunteh RN School in Johore Bahru. There are many more pictures which I hope you'll enjoy. Please also check out my books below.


Royal Naval School, Sembawang, Singapore:

Class photos from the 1950's

Class photos from the 1960's

Class photos from the 1970's

Sports Day 1950's

Sports Day 1960's

Christmas 1950's

Christmas 1960's

Prize giving 1950's

Prize giving 1960's

Other group Naval Base photos 1950's/1960's

Kebunteh Naval School,Malaya :

Kebunteh School in the 1960's

Other photos:

Army Xmas party at the Government Guest House, Johore Bahru

TV shows we watched in Singapore and Malaya in the 1960's

Downtown Singapore

Downtown Penang

Sembawang 1960's

 KD Malaya 1960's

George's Steak House, Malaya 1960's

Sandycroft, Penang

Penang Hill Railway

Botanical Gardens, Penang

Snake Temple, Penang

Ayeritam Temple, Penang

Tiger Balm Gardens in the 1960's

Britannia Club in the 1960's

HMS Terror in the 1960's

Aggie Weston's, HMS Terror in the 1960's  

Geoff Cooper's photos from the 1960s(includes Tiger Balm Gardens,HMS Terror,Banyans and much more)

Gavin Floyd's photos and memorabilia from the 1960s 

Other photos taken during the 1960's

Where is Poon?

Anyone know Ron Spurrier?

The Norsworthy family's photos

Thomas 'Bing' Crosbie's photos and memories featuring the Brit Club, HMS Terror,the Magnolia Man, Snakes,Moths etc

Dougie Don's home movies from the 1960s of Singapore

Want to know what Sandycroft in Penang looks like now? Watch this movie of Dalat School

Some more recent movies showing all the places we loved to visit

Vintage photos of Singapore

Vintage photos of Penang

If you want more,check out Tom O'Brien's excellent Singapore site at:

Memories of Singapore 






The Dockyard main gate, Workshop Road

Rotheram Gate at the other end of the Naval Base

The School bus



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Here's a photo of my Royal Naval School badge from Singapore. Many of us had these at the time but, unfortunately, many have been lost over the years. If, like me, you're nostalgic for anything connected with our time in Singapore and Malaya, you probably, if you've lost yours, would like another one. The good news is that I have had replicas made and I'm selling them for £2.99 each.

The badges are the same as the originals and are made from metal and enamel.

If you want one, please send a cheque for £2.99 made payable to Derek Tait (postage and packing within the UK is 80p). Alternatively, you can pay be PayPal by clicking the button below.


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