Class photos from the 1970's

Infants 1970.

Back row(L-R):12th Kenny Symmons.

Middle Row:1stDuncan Fallows,4th Judith Hobbs.

Front Row: Susan Hunneybell, second from left.

Teacher: Mrs Armstrong.


Ian Hunneybell is on the right hand side, front row (sitting cross-legged).


Ian Hunneybell is sitting cross-legged, this time second from left on the front row.

Philip Angell is in the back row, second from right.


Susan Hunneybell is sat on the floor, on the left hand side.


Tim Brown is in the back row, fourth from the right.

Tim Brown at the New Years Party on 1 Jan 1970.

The Dockyard Devils.

10th April 1971.

Back row: 1st left: Kevin Norris's dad,2nd left: Terry Leeworthy,4th left: Kevin Norris,1st right: Martin and Chris Gill's dad,5th right: Martin Gill.

Front row: 2nd left: David Russell,3rd left: Graham Lamont,1st right: Andrew Cure,2nd right: Chris Gill.