Class photos from the 1950s


Chris Manning remembers:

I'm in this photograph from 1955 in the middle row, second from the left - the skinny lad with big ears! My Dad was a Chief Writer at HMS Terror and we first lived at Jalan Tabrow near Jahore before later moving to Pine Trees Married quarters on Singapore Island. I am afraid I do not remember any of the other names of the other pupils in the photograph except for the fact that the lad on my right at the end of the row later drowned in the swimming pool at HMS Terror. The only other fact is that the teacher, as I remember, was a right Dragon who didn't like me very much!

RN School 1955 Staff

Back Row: J. Duffy [Dep. Head], Mrs. B. Stock, Jack Legg [Head], Mrs. C. M. Bruce, J. Reilly, Mrs. Turner;

Front Row: Miss A. Burra, Mrs. J. Holland, Miss J. Leverston-Allen, Miss W. Scorgie, Mrs. C. Helme [Sch. Sec.], Miss. N. Brittlebank, Mrs. Burch, Mrs. I. Brewer.

Thanks to John Duffy for the photo.

School Swimming Team 1955.

From back row left.

K. Howard, L. Bennett, R. Cocking, J. McAuslan, M. Duncan, J. Thompson, A. Hollingshead

G. Radcliffe, J. Chappell, R. Smith, M. Huggett, C. Scott, S. Hatton, G. Robinson, R. Walle

C. Pfeil, P. Caitens, P. Fox, G. Keen, M. Jackson, R. Boswell, G. Tilsley, D. Wyles, J. Wyles

C. Petrie, D. Robinson, W. Cocking.

Trainer: Mr. John Duffy [Deputy Head].

Thanks to John Duffy for the photo.


Barry Walle writes: 'There's a now very famous face second from right middle row (Anne Widdecombe). The teacher, I believe, was called Miss Paris. I'm bottom right (as you face the photo).

H.M. Naval Base School 1958 - 6yr olds.

H.M. Naval Base School 1958 - 6yr olds.

H.M. Naval Base School 1958.

H.M. Naval Base School 1958 Singapore.

H.M. Naval Base School buses 1958.

Thanks to Elaine Shackleton for the above photos.

July 1958.

July 1958.

July 1958.

June 1958.

Mrs Morgan's class July 1958.

Singapore- Classroom 1958.

Richard Jurd is in the second row nearest the window.

Singapore- Trophy Day

Football team 1959.

The teacher is Mr Bird.

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