Naval Base photos,Singapore 1950's/1960's.

Royal Malayan Navy 11th May 1958

Don Watson is at the back of the AA gun.

Taken at the Dockyard Pool 1962 / 63.

I think the lads are :- from the left, back row - Dave Myers, Robin ?? , ?? , Tommy Purdy, Maurice Stevens Sitting - ?? , Ken Jackson, John Nash, Ray Smale, John Keane, David McCallum, Clive Waters, ?? , Davy Wright.

Thanks to Maurice Stevens for the photo.Can anyone help with the names of the other people in the photo?

Naval Base teenagers in the Teenage Room at The Dockyard Club.

November 1966.

Naval Base Brownies.

Deanna Morton,Gill Wrenn, Margaret Mee ( I think her Mum was the Brown Owl) Julie Crapnell, and possibly Jennifer Murdoch and Marion Randall.Jennifer Boyce is in the front row,1st on left.

Christabelle Alvis was the Guide Commisioner and it was taken outside St. Peter's Church, probably around 1960.

(Thanks to Dee Hinton for the above photos)

(L-R): 2nd Lynne Gilbert,4th Susan Higgins, 5th Janet Emerson, 6th Julie Northmore, 7th Marcia Cock, 8th Susan Gilbert.

Recognise anyone else in the above two photos?

(Thanks to Marcia Headon for the photos)

Inter-Departmental Swimming Galas at Dockyard Swimming Pool (1964-1965).

The presentation of shields and cups to the Chief Engineer's Department Swimming Team, May 1965.

Wendy Gilbert, ?, Lyn Gilbert, Danny Tope, ?, ?, Barry Bridgen, Tom Williams,, Pete Banks.