RN School Kebun Teh, Johore Bahru

Class photos from the 1960s


December 1966. Back row(L-R):6th Derek Tait, 7th Jeremy Barton.

Middle row(L-R):8th Debbie Sharp.

I remember that this hall has pictures of wild animals all around it, together with pictures, I think, from the Nativity. I remember this photo being taken and the creaky old floorboards in the hall.


Alan Tait is in the back row,third from the left. Has anyone anymore information about this photo?

December 1967.

Back row(L-R): 5th Alan Tait.


George Lisle's class.

Back row(L-R): 5th Suzanne ?,6th Barbara ?,7th Janet Needham, 9th ? Wilson, 10th Kelvin Mobbs.

Middle row(L-R): 2nd and 3rd Jane and Lisa Turner (twins), 6th Natalie (?), 7th Susan Cladingbole, 8th Alan Tait.

2nd Row(L-R): 4th Christine ?,

Front row(L-R): 3rd Jennifer ?, 4th Janette, 5th Mr Lisle, 6th Joanna Grimwood, 7th Karen(?), 8th Max(?).

There was also a boy called Patrick who may be first on the left on the back row.

Thanks to George Lisle for the extra information.


Back row: (L-R) 1st Michael Cladingbole, 4th Michael Morton, 9th Carolyn Aldridge.

Second row : 1st Simon Parry, 2nd Gerald Dawson, 4th Susan Watson, 5th Nicola Websper, 7th Anna Rees, 10th Steve Bellis.

The teacher is Miss Faye Hay.

Thanks to George Lisle for the extra information.

December 1967.

Middle row(L-R): 9th Jeremy Barton, 11th Ian Bagwell.

Front row(L-R): 9th, me, Derek Tait.

To my left, holding my hand, is Caroline Flack.

I remember waiting to have this photo taken.If you look at the top of the photo,you can just see the next class waiting to come down.


Alan Tait receiving 'Stirring Stories for Boys' from Mrs Lawson, the wife of Commodore Lawson. This was the first Prize Day in1967. The lady in the background is Joyce,a local member of the admin team and seated is Paul Fagg, the Deputy Headmaster. Mrs Lawson only had one thumb unless my memory is playing tricks on me!


Dougall Watson is in the second row,second from the right. Chris Sever is in the back row, second from the right. John Hockney is third from the left in the back row

The teachers who were at the school at the time.

Back row : (L-R)Mr George Lisle, Miss Fay Hay, Miss Rosemary Wright,Pam Poulter, Mr Sam Adair.

Front row : Miss Marlene Le Noury, Paul Fagg (Deputy Head), Lt.Cdr. Dermot Dorrian (Head), Miss Eileen Hughes,?.


John Hockney is in the back row last on right, in the patterned shirt.


Back row (L-R): 2nd Andrew Hockney in front of the Christmas tree.

Front row (middle): Tina Lisle.

Mr Adair's class, 1968.

Margaret O'Keefe is sat in the front row, third from the left.

John Thornicroft, middle row, second from the left.

Mrs Maggie Ramsay's class 1970.

Back Row : Christine, Simon,Yvonne, Keith, Beverly, Kim, Yvonne, Phillipa.

Middle row: Yvonne ? Karen, ?, Deidre, David, Hugo, Alison. Next to Mrs Ramsay is Alison Sparshott.

Front row: Rachel, David, Nicola, Neville, Sian, ?, Joanne, Alan, Carol Dalby, Gerald.

This photo was taken in the old army primary school, then housing Years 3 and 4 (4 classes) taught by Miss Ramsay, John Ireland, Sam Adair and George Lisle. Kathleen Herring was the school secretary.

Thanks to George Lisle for the extra information.

Mr Lisle's class,1969.

Back row: 4th Michael Cladingbole.

Margaret O'Keefe is sat on the right hand side front row at the end,next to Sonia Henderson. In the front row, third from left, is Carolyn Aldridge.

Teacher is Dina (?) with her infant Class in JB.

The school Nativity play.

The school Nativity play.