HMS Terror.


(Thanks to Clive Baker for the photos & words to the first five photos)

Aerial shot.

The main entrance to H.M.S. Terror, with it's original muzzle loaders which would have been a chief GI's dream, was situated nearly at the end of the main road from Singapore City. This road ran from the Johore Causeway right into Singapore passing many villages and plantations on the way, it was a tortuous drive in one of the many Mercedes taxis that plied their trade between Boogis Street and the Naval Base just down the road. Mind you I can't remember many drives back to base, they usually ended up in Sembawang village, from where we staggered back to Terror, mostly on our knees!

The Regulating Office. This is the building that you tried to avoid. A Naval Police Station, this is where you went if you had too many Tiger beers the night before and ended up staying overnight in the infamous Boogis Street (now sadly reformed I am told) and arriving back on board half an hour adrift.

A Féte in Terror was a periodical thing that Pusser laid on to mainly placate the local dignitaries. We didn't mind the poncing about so much 'cos the beer & scran were free!

There were several (I can't remember how many) of these imposing accommodation blocks in Terror. Of course, in those days, there was no air conditioning to speak of apart from windows and doors flung wide open and the occasional overhead fan which kept you awake all night, unless you had had a skin full of Tiger beer that is! These blocks, or messes, were where Jack (sometimes) slept when his ship was in the Dockyard for a refit, or waiting for 'Jenny's side party ' to finish painting the ships side. In those days ships used to be away from home for up to two years, and quite often at sea for 3 months at a stretch, so it was considered a holiday to be based here for a while. However, payday could never come soon enough as the local temptations were awesome, money lenders thrived and many poor matelot didn't pay off his debts for months after a brief sojourn here. As a member of Terror Ships Company I had to regulate my spending if I were to survive for a year or two, so I found a lucrative way of earning more cash by taking photo's at all the ships major functions so that Jack could send them home to mum. As an extension of this moonlight activity I formed the Royal Navy Photographic Club (Singapore) with the aid of a generous donation from the Captain's Welfare Fund! It helped to pass those long hot days I guess.

J23 Mess.1965.

HMS Terror 1965.

View from Jarvis (J) block.1965.

View from Jarvis (J) block looking towards the main gate.Masts of Suara W/T in the background.

Terror parade ground 1965.Intern Security Training.

Suara control room.

Suara transmitter.

Suara entrance.

Thanks to Randal McDowell for the above nine photos.

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