Gavin Floyd's photos and memorabilia from the 1960s

(Words from Gavin Floyd)

AA badge – as fitted to our Ford Cortina Mk1 reg SK1611 & nabbed by me !!

As you see I was banished to the Army school 1963-1964. Drake never seemed to well at anything ?– it was always Nelson winning.

Little booklet about the shop in Orchard Road. Mums will remember very well, so will Dads ( how much ?? )

Swimming gala programme for November 1964.

Inside of swimming gala programme.

Ismail – the shop run by Indians near Sembawang gate – good stock of annuals though, many I still have.

Local entrepreneur who realised that western housewives could not be bothered to shop and so just placed an order ( or the Amah did ) on paper. Sort of an oriental Tesco-on-line !!!

Joseph Supplier and Co,back page.

From April 1966, plus unknown Tait arrival

Prince Philip – visited the Naval Base – big event, can’t remember my teacher’s name yet though – but she is in the picture with her hair up.

Another shot of Philip's visit.

Report – did not settle well with Army lot, hence poor report, my excuses. Ha ha !!! Anyway, I was Navy….my Dad was a Clerical Officer with S.N.S.O.

Navy Base News.1st April 1966.

Bus,may be in Penang.