Home movies of the Tait family from Singapore,Malaya and Penang in the 1960s

Sandycroft Leave Centre,Johore Bahru and Singapore 1960s

Home movies taken in the 1960s including Sandycroft Leave Centre in Penang.Also, Johore Bahru(including the causeway) and Singapore.

Tiger Balm Gardens,Singapore.

Sandycroft Leave Centre, Penang Malaya 1960s

Penang,Malaya in the 1960s. Includes footage of the Leave Centre at Sandycroft, Ayer Itam Temple and the Penang Hill Railway.

Penang Railway,Malaya.Sultan's Gardens and Johore Zoo 1960s

Penang Railway,Malaya.Sultan's Gardens and Johore Zoo 1960s.Also featured Penang Botanic Gardens and monkeys! Home movie.

An extra one! Singapore home movie from the 1960s featuring Tiger Balm Gardens.I believe this movie is an excerpt from a school film project called,'Run,Run,Run!'

If you have any home movies that I could add, please send them in.